Cherie's must have Wedding & Design Tips! 

1. Some things are truly better left to an expert. Bring them in early in the process, these decisions will ensure your wedding has a cohesive and polished feel. 


2. When designing a room, venue, or space, think of it as landscaping. You want a variety of high and low pieces on your tables, along with layering pieces to complete the tablescape. 


3. Have a clear idea of what is involved when trying to execute those amazing Pinterest ideas. You will be surprised how quickly the money adds up when you're trying to recreate a simple $10.00 centerpiece. Look into renting those glass pieces instead, stop into our showroom and check out our options. 


4. Don't let you the details go undocumented. Hire a reputable photographer to capture every detail. (You'll thank me later)! 


5. Don't pinch pennies on the ceremony decor, this is the spot where you will say those two magically words "I DO". Dont' let the space look like an afterthought. Not sure how much to budget for this? Ask Cherie'! 


6. Don't waste your money on items you'll never use. Have a clear design vision before purchasing a single piece. I'm speaking from experience here, my shop is filled with items that were given to me by past clients who bought them and had no use for them.


7. Put the majority of your decor budget into your favorite centerpiece, and fill in with a smaller complimentary one. Make a statement and let it shine! 


8. Give thought to the head table and cake tables, think of them as stages. They need to be decorated and adorned, after all you'll be sitting at one, and that edible artwork we call a wedding cake, sits a top the other.  Need inspiration? Amour Events & Design prides itself in the unique head table, no two are ever the same, because no couple is ever the same! 


9. Bouquets, we all know we've swooned over the stunning photos online, and flipping through magazines. Now it comes time to create your own... Invest the bulk of your floral budget in YOUR bouquet, because 9 times out of 10 your lovely bridesmaids will leave theirs behind at the reception. 


10. Last tip, and it's one of my favorites! Do a mixture of fresh and silk flowers for the brides bouquet. You'll have a high-end fresh look the day of, and a beautifully handcrafted keepsake for years to come. Come into the showroom and learn the difference between a high-end and low quality silk flower. 


I hope this gives you some direction when beginning the design process for your wedding. If you need some inspiration, set up a free consulation at Amour Events & Design and let us help guide you to your design destiny.