I'm the girl who...

I'm the girl who got married out of high school and became a mommy to 3 little men. I had little ambition for a career at 18. That was until I attended my first Home Interiors party and fell in love with floral design. I wanted to own my own store but settled for craft shows and selling Home Interiors. I was satisfied because I was designing! I later went on to work in several offices feeling less than inspired.I felt trapped sitting in that chair all day long.  I needed to be creative, free to express myself through design and a influence to the world.

One day in 2013 after obtaining my business degree I woke up and decided I was going for it! December 3, 2013 Amour was born. Why the name Amour? Think of Stevie Wonder! My Cherie' Amour of course!

Every event I have designed I take personally. I look around and say "Yes I did that!" I am extremely proud of who I have become and the over 200 events I have successfully designed in my career. I love creating, the challenges, the textures and the feeling of content that being an event designer fills me with.

I want to know my clients on a personal level. I want you to know that I am giving your event 110% of my time and attention. I will treat you like the friend you have become and treasure your event as if it was my own. I love to connect with my clients be it our mutual contacts or our interests. Most importantly, connecting with you about your event makes my heart smile!

" It's hard to imagine that I sat on my dream for over 20 years. I was so scared at first, I thought but what if I fail?

Oh but what if I fly?

My name is Cherie' Michelle and I am the owner lead designer of Amour Floral & Decor and

I love what I do!"